About Us

Our Brand

We at KAMPHIRE seek to empower women all over the country, as fashion has power to change people’s lives and actually make a positive difference, not just our psychology but also our physical well being also. In KAMPHIRE we aim to fulfill your day-to-day fashion needs. It is a bold, inclusive and fashion-forward brand aimed at arming women with fashion that is an extension of themselves. Every outfit of Kamphire tells you a story, it is designed by keeping our customer wants in mind. The designs are inspired by runways, street style, pop culture and celebrity fashion. In a sentence, we aimed to deliver the best of fashion at affordable prices.

Our Product

KAMPHIRE specializes in high fashion with an affordable price tag. All our products are designed by our super talented designers, for our multi-tasking, women customers in mind. Since empowerment and expression lie at the core of our design philosophy, we have something for your fashion needs! So, whether you like to keep one step ahead of trends or perfect your signature style, we’re sure we’ve got something you’ll love.

Our Founder

Kamphire was started in 2021 by Benozeer khan. Armed with degrees in business, a passion for fashion and endless ambition, the 26-year old quit her corporate job and poured her personal savings into starting Kamphire. It was her passion for fashion which led her to find Kamphire.


Distinctiveness and Uniqueness lie at the heart of our brand. We believe in empowering women and inspiring women uninterrupted to be themselves, realize their dreams, dress however they want and stand out from the crowd . Our Kamphiregirls are our real-world brand ambassadors who represent and inspire our customers.